Yogurt Yo-Yo

Australian. Greek. Soy. Light. Whipped. What do all these words have in common? They’re all types of yogurt!

Over the years, I’ve flip-flopped my way through yogurt fads and flavors. Freshman year of college, I almost always went for the classic Yoplait Light yogurt:

My favorite is the Key Lime Pie!

My favorite flavor is Key Lime Pie

I always reached for this brand while scanning supermarket aisles because it is what my mom used to always eat, and so looked the most familiar to me. (Did you find that when you were first living on your own that you always gravitated to exactly what you ate at home because it made you more comfortable?)

Anyways, I usually just stuck with varieties of this “light” option, but after awhile I started getting tired of the flavor (and didn’t like the taste or idea of the artificial sweeteners that merited it as “light.”) The same happened when I came home for summer to find my mom and dad were into buying Light Activia in bulk… While the flavor was ok, it was not filling and just tasted too much like sucralose. Not to mention, those commercials kind of creeped me out.

Just not feeling it...

Just not feeling it...

So then I went on a soy binge after reading Skinny Bitch and tried out O’Soy Soy Yogurt. The flavors are not too strong, the serving size was just about right and I really digged the change. Also, with no “fake” ingredients thrown in there, it overall just felt better for me. Not to mention, it comes in small packs of 6 so I saved space and money too!

The peach and strawberry flavors are both very good!

The peach and strawberry flavors provide perfect variety

Too much of a good thing can sometimes become exhausting though and I was tempted to make another switch mid-semester. I tried Oikos Organic Greek yogurt before but did not love the taste of it. That is until I had the Vanilla flavor which I fell in love with. It is the perfect hint of sweetness to this thick and creamy delight!


A true treasure from the Greeks!

Whenever this brand is out at the grocery store, I dabble with Fage and Chobani greek yogurts… but no matter what I always get some sort of flavor infused kind. Today, I ate Oikos Honey with raspberries (what inspired this post!) but I did not like it. If you are a honey fan you will definitely enjoy the flavor, I have just never been into plain honey (but I love strawberry honey sticks!) I digress.

And to save money! I like to buy the big containers. This way you can make portions as big (or small) as you want and definitely get more bang for your buck.

And finally for my yogurt round-up… My two most recent favorite finds of this summer are from Fiber One (Hungry girl approved!) and Wallaby yogurt. The first is almost like eating dessert (the Key Lime flavor is amaaaazing!) and the second is less thicker and more sweeter than the Greek yogurt…. I’ve been loving sprinkling the vanilla flavor  over some fruit or combining it with cereal.

Which brings me to my last and final point. If you just don’t enjoy the idea of eating yogurt sans toppings or mix-ins, my favorites yogurt boosters are fruit (anything from blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and strawberries), cereal (Kashi Go Lean! Crunch and Strawberry Fields), or granola (Bear Naked is my current jam).

Yogurt is one of my favorite breakfast items, but seeing as I love so many breakfast foods, I usually hold off on the yogurt until mid-day for a snack and eat something else first thing in the morning!

No matter when or where you like it, here are 16 Things You Can Do With Yogurtfrom Glamour blog Vitamin G to satisfy any type of yogurt craving you might encounter!

What’s your favorite type of yogurt? Do you go for the plain stuff or do you mix it all up?


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