Twitter Tuesday


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I spend way too much time on the internet. One of the sites that takes up the majority of my time is Twitter. Initially, I got a Twitter account and had no idea what to do or what purpose it really served. A bunch of people updating me on what they’re eating or how they’re feeling? No thank you.  Really, I first made my account in April after attending a media conference where all the tech-savvy men and women were scanning twitter on their iPhones instead of listening to the lecturers. I decided then and there that there must be something that I was missing.

I progressively starting to follow more and more people, straying from solely celebrities and branching out to magazines, newspapers, bloggers, and business owners. It was then that I discovered how to use Twitter as:

1. A source of news and media information

2. A time waster

3. A place to get free stuff

Yes, FREE. My friends make fun of me because so far from Twitter I have snagged a free book from my favorite local bookstore, free Slurpees, free pastries, and a 10 dollar gift certificate to Baskin Robbins. Not to mention, I know more about what’s going on in the world, hear about cool events that I would never know of otherwise, and have even dragged my best friends into the Twitterverse and can chat with them!

So last night I was sitting at home in my hot and stuffy family room when I became overwhelmed with a craving for something cool and delicious. Lollicup sounded ideal but I did not want to drive, nor spend money, and then I remembered my free gift certificates to BR! I called my friend and made her come with me (because going for ice cream is just not something I can do alone) and we went.

Now, did you know that Baskin Robbins has 99 cent scoops on Tuesdays?! Yes, this made it a madhouse, but I was so happy when our two scoops came to only $2.15. Now here is the really cool part… I gave the boy working 2 of my $2 gift certificates. In return, he gave me $1.85 in cash. So technically, I just made $1.85 off of Twitter in cold hard change and still have 3 $2 gift certificates left! If I did not want to spend it all on ice cream, I could make  $4.62 by the time I am out of coupons (assuming each time we went on 99 cent scoop Tuesday and only got a small scoop!)

Ok I know that is a very elaborate explanation for something not that exciting. But when you’re me, you take all the spare change that you can get. And Twitter has a million and one more reasons that it is a good social networking device and has easily replaced Facebook as my number one distraction.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Twitterverse and start earning some money!


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