Salvaging the Blueberries

Got blueberries laying around that need to be used soon? 

Last night I was waiting to go to a movie with some friends and was feeling quite antsy. That’s when I looked on the counter and saw about one cup of blueberries that were seeing their last few days. So I instantly felt the urge to bake. I immediately went to smitten kitchen and found a quick and easy recipe for a Blueberry Crumb Bar. I’ve never made anything like this really so thought I’d give it a shot. I followed her directions and came out with this:

DSC00409I literally threw all the ingredients together in about 15 minutes and baked it for about 45. I took it out of the oven when my friend called to say they were outside and had to endure a two and a half hour movie just thinking about what it tasted like. 

When I got home, I cut it into squares and tried a piece. It was DELICIOUS. This morning, I had my family try some and they seemed to agree (hopefully they weren’t just being nice!)

IMG00044Recipes like this are a good way to salvage any type of berries that you have before they go rotten. I always hate wasting food (since it is the same as throwing away money!) and my mom always seems to buy too much of it that no family could possibly eat before it goes bad. 

Just another way of eating yummy food and saving money, not to mention the baking was fun and made me feel very accomplished afterwards!

P.S. Blueberries are one of my favorite digs of the summertime, here’s some more tasty recipes for using this summer’s super-fruit!


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