Simply Smoothies

So who doesn’t like a good smoothie every now and then? Before this summer, I always shied away from concocting my own blend because I just could never seem to master good ratios of fruit to milk to ice to yogurt to whatever else would be thrown in there! So then, I would resort to Jamba Juice or Juice Stop (my favorite) whenever I needed a smoothie fix. 

But then my mom brought home this from Costco… 

yoplaitsmoothiemixand it all seemed so simple! The pack comes with mini bags that have frozen raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and yogurt chunks. The basic recipe is just to add milk and blend but they also have other variations on the back to cater it to different tastes!

My absolute favorite is adding one half of a banana and 3/4 cup of juice (right now I’m diggin’ V8 Tropical Splash) to the mixture and blending that right up! One bag makes two servings but if I am using it as a meal substitute then I usually drink the whole thing. If I just want a small glass, I save the other half for my brother and pair the smoothie with another breakfast favorite. 

It is SO easy and tastes just as good as anything else I have ever gotten from a smoothie joint! 



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