Cooking for College!

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I do not cook. Sure, I can follow a recipe if I’m given instructions but even my mom is hesitant giving me a simple task like chopping an onion for stir-fry. Add in meat and sauces and I’m toast. So naturally, I jumped at the change to sign-up for a “Cooking for College” class at a nearby culinary school. Luckily, I roped my brother into coming with me for the 2 hour class that was intended to teach us easy and tasty things that can be made with limited resources! 

We learned how to make homemade mac-n-cheese, asian noodles, fried rice, chili, and a veggie wrap! 

DSC00404DSC00406DSC00407All of these were so quick and easy to make! They are also so flexible and just by mixing up a few ingredients can be totally transformed so you do not get tired! It was also cool because instead of following a recipe, we free formed most of the meals so you can mold them to your own tastes (salty, spicy, etc.) I definitely feel like I learned new things that I can take with me when I’m back living and eating on my own!


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