Party Patrol

While getting away can be fun, it can also be expensive. I just went up to the mountains with friends and was a bit nervous beforehand because I knew that we would be needing to provide our own meals seeing as we were parent-less. While I did not mind splurging for a nice brunch in town, I was wondering how we were going to provide dinner later in the night for fifteen hungry twenty-somethings who would probably be hungry the entire evening.

While one girl said she would make pasta and salad for everyone, we ultimately decided pizza would be the best option. But then there’s the question of where do we get it from? Then you ponder whether delivery or pick-up would be easier, what kind to get, where’s the cheapest… and the list goes on and on.

So instead a couple of my friends go to the grocery store and find these pizzas on sale…


They got 8 of them for about fifty dollars (almost five dollars a piece!) That sure beats delivery (which was going to come to about 25 dollars per pizza) and they were tasty. Not to mention, we made six of them around 7 and then had 2 left over for around midnight when those late-night cravings kicked in! Definitely a good and tasty way to save money without sacrificing taste!


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