Coffee Conundrum


To drink or not to drink?

To drink or not to drink?


Growing up, I abhorred coffee. Literally, I would not allowed in my vicinity. My grandpa always smelt like coffee and after a few minutes of sitting on his lap, I was done. I would wait outside of Starbucks while my mom ordered her latte to go. And every time I attempted to drink any sort of coffee or espresso concoction, I would gag from the taste. 

Looking back, that all seems silly. Unfortunately, it also seems lucky. If I still lived like that now, I would be saving lots of money. 

It all started with a Java Chip Frappacino given to me by a friend. Forget the benefits of the caffeine, that drink tasted good! From there, it just got worst with White Chocolate Mochas and Skinny Vanilla Lattes becoming more tasty and accessible by the day. 

Then enter college where there is a Starbucks on campus tempting me in between every class. Yes it is energizing, delicious, and quick, but all those drinks can add up quick. So, I started making it a point to make my trip to Starbucks a treat, something special to reward me for a complete paper, long day at work, or job well done. 

Even that did not go as planned, and I realized drastic measures needed to be taken. At work, there is readily accessible coffee, but could I really just drink black coffee without all the extra sweeteners, milk, and chocolate-y goodness to dull down the rich coffee flavor? I resolved that if I wanted to save money and still be energized, this is what had to be done. And I can successfully say I just finished my first cup of plain coffee (with a tad bit of Splenda to sweeten it up!) 

It really was not that bad. I drank it all, I feel the effects of the caffeine working today, and best of all? It was free! 

I still plan on treating myself to a Vanilla Latte from a coffee shop every now and then, but for now, I will continue to practice drinking my plain coffee and liking it. I even read this article in SELF magazine that exposes all the hidden benefits of the drink that you may not know of. Any other coffee haters out there might start doing what I am, and forcing a cup of java down just to reap the benefits!


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