Cutting Costs with Carrots!

Since college I have developed a love of carrots. Dipping them in hummus, creamy italian, or just eating them plain, always serves as a satisfying afternoon snack! Today, I left my mom a grocery list of things that I wanted her to pick up for me (since I rarely have time to get to the grocery store and it seems like she lives there!) On my list were baby carrots (because she does not seem to ever buy them on her own). However, when she returned that day I did not see a bag of baby carrots but instead saw this…


Those don't look like the baby carrots I know...

Those don't look like the baby carrots I know...

Turns out she made it to the farmer’s market that day too and got these instead… Lucky me, I get assigned the task of cutting them! Her excuse? They taste better and are healthier, but really? All that manual labor for a tiny bit of carrot to tide me over from lunch into dinner?

Nevertheless, I took on the challenge. I peeled each and every carrot and cut them up until they looked something like this…




And I’ll admit, they do taste a lot fresher and better than those tiny, perfectly rounded carrot bites that come in the plastic bags in the refrigerator aisle. AND think of all the money you save! I cannot wait to pack these in my lunch for work tomorrow along with my hummus to dip! 

If you want something more to do with carrots, check out this article and the possibilities are endless!


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