Rev up to Running!

Seriously... get some.

Seriously... life changing.

As a rising college junior on any given Saturday during summer my schedule should look something like this: sleep in and lay by the pool until it’s time to shower to prepare to go out on the town in a new dress and heels to take advantage of the “best years of my life.” 

Unfortunately, in my world Saturday equals working from nine in the morning to nine at night. Then, I come home (covered in baby spit-up from the 5 month old I babysat), all to shower and get into bed because I am exhausted. 

Don’t you wish you were nineteen again? Unfortunately, this summer has been marred by the desperate cries emanating from my empty purse, begging for green bills to fill it before I prance around Europe for four months. How do I get by on days like this? Truth is, morning runs. And never before have I loved to run until these shoes. 

Thanks to one of my favorite events of the summer, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, these babies are on sale and worth every penny. 

I never ever knew what a difference a good pair of running shoes could make, until now. This morning I felt myself wanting to run and run, like I had support under me that could propel me up mountain cliffs! I had thoughts of running marathons, doing triathlons and anything else that would allow me to stay in these shoes longer. 

Running before working long days makes it all the more bearable. And thanks to these shoes, the running itself is more bearable than ever before.


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